What is Cornhole?

Cornhole Bags

 New Merchants LLC (Cornhole Bros) manufactures and sells over 100,000+ bags a year and has the production level team in place to produce over 1 millions bags a year. Our dealers and customers buy from us because they demand the best bags for the best price.

Our Cornhole bags are tournament-tested and meet strict standards:
 Fill: Recycled plastic corn style pellets
: 6" x 6"
: 14-16 oz.
: Duck Canvas (10 oz.)
(Cornhole Bros) 

Weather Resistant Bags-
Plastic filled bags are the only weather resistant bags on the market. Plastic filled bags not only completely repel moisture, heat, and other weather but they also float in water allowing you to play your game by the pool, at the beach, on a dock or boat all without worry of losing a bag to the bottom or having it be harmed by the water! Even if you never intend to play by water you never know when a freak rain storm. It’s almost inevitable that Cornhole bags will be left outside sometime. If this happens, No worries, rain ,shine, bugs or snow will not hurt these bags.

Cornhole Bros bags are so great ...
they're bought and re-sold by other cornhole game websites, retailers and cornhole board-makers. Their repeat purchases of our products is an endorsement of the quality and reliability we provide.

Indoor/Office Set

Our new Indoor/Office model is built built according to Independent Cornhole Organization (ICO) the governing body for cornhole the sport.

 Dimensions: 24" W x 48" L x 4" H.

The surface and frame is made of Corrugated Cardboard Recyclite, light yet rugged and solid construction. The (2) boards surface are branded (Cornhole Bros graphic) and has a smooth, snag less playing surface. Forget the clunky and heavy and costly to ship 2"x4" frame wood 

Our Indoor/Office -grade material is built to last and comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee .  
and comes complete with Our Cornhole tournament-tested bags that meet strict standards.

or 772-380-2326

Val Natural

Our new Val Natural Model is built according to ACO and ICO specs. Its legs fold for easy transport and storage. This set is rugged, yet portable and superlite.

Dimensions:  24" W x 48" L x 4" H.

The surface is made of ½" top grade 5 ply plywood inlaid right into the frame. The frame is made of 1x4 top grade sanded finger jointed pine for a super light yet rugged and solid construction. The surface is a smooth, snag-less playing surface. Forget the klunky and heavy 2"x4" frame construction! Our top grade (plywood) is furniture-grade material -- we do not use cheap substrates.    
Our with bag option comes with Our Cornhole Weather Resistant tournament-tested bags that meet strict standards:    
Fill: Recycled plastic corn style pellets   Size: 6" x 6" Weight: 14-16 oz. Fabric: Duck Canvas (10 oz.) Branded (Cornhole Bros)-(4ct) red in color and (4ct) blue in color

or 1-888-NEW-6131